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Webinar Summary- Data from a Different View

Data from a Different View

Thinking Outside the Rocks

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Today, data is everywhere- it's not just a buzz word. What you do with it can change everything. How do you view data? Is it overrated? is it to hard to obtain? is it overwhelming? is it really useful? No matter what we think of it, companies and customers require it for measuring performance. Every task accomplished and every product made and consumed creates data we can capture and use.

Minning Innovation expert Seth Burns shows some practical tools to collect data, orginize and view that data and ultimately use it to improve operations. Seth challenges viewers to think outside the box about how you can collect, view, and use the mountains of data available around you.

With technology available today, data can be captured and viewed in amazing ways that maybe you’ve never thought about.


With over 300 regitrants we had excellent audience participation. Here are the poll questions asked and their responses:

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Graduated in 1996 from the University of Missouri-Rolla in Mining Engineering. Started my career in the industry working with El Dorado Chemical Company. They were an Ammonium Nitrate manufacturer and serviced the coal and quarry markets as an explosive service provider in the Central and Eastern US. I worked in a Technical capacity for most of my career and have had the opportunity to work with Orica, Nelson Brothers and Midland Powder Company. I am currently managing the Innovative Solutions Group for Nelson Brothers in Birmingham, Alabama. My current role allows me to evaluate current technologies and see how and where to integrate that technology into our current business. I am the facilitator between the present and the future. I love encouraging idea sharing from the field up and providing a platform for those ideas to be shared.


New technologies are rapidly changing the drilling, blasting, mining, and aggregates industries, empowering them in ways never before possible. Make sure you are taking advantage of the best tools available.

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