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Partnership Announcement

Strayos Partners with Delta Drone to Expand Reach Into Australia and Africa


  • Strayos develops and runs an Artificial Intelligence powered Software as a Service (“SaaS”) platform for use in the drilling, blasting, mining, construction, conservation, and related industries
  • Delta Drone provides Drone data and site digitalization services in Africa and Australia
  • Partnering with Delta Drone gives Strayos access to Delta Drone’s extensive and experienced drone service personnel allowing Strayos to offer full in person field support to its customers in Africa and Australia
  • Delta Drone shall add Strayos AI tools to its current repertoire of tools, both creating additional value and making Strayos AI tools easily accessible for its existing and future customers
  • The integration of AI and Drone Data enhances digitalization solutions, services, workflows, and increases the speed of insights available allowing mining engineers and supervisors to make more informed decisions
    November 2022

Strayos, the US based Mining AI company, is pleased to announce, it has partnered with Australia and Africa based drone data provider company Delta Drone (DBA RocketMine in Africa). Strayos provides a cloud based software as a service platform that uses Artificial Intelligence to analyze data, automate insights, and give site operators predictive intelligence for their operations. Data gathered by drones, smart tools, and edge devices is turned into a digital twin with AI integrated. The AI breaks down traditional data silos allowing for holistic analyses to improve productivity, safety, and sustainability. Delta Drone has an extensive footprint in both Africa and Australia to distribute to and support Strayos products for its current customers and new ones.
Strayos CEO Ravi Sahu said:
Delta Drone

is a multi-national drone-based data service and technology solutions provider for the mining, agricultural and engineering industries. They provide aerial surveying and mapping, security and surveillance, and blast monitoring and fragment analysis through a fully-outsourced service with AI and fast data turnaround. Delta Drone allows enterprise customers to focus on operations on the ground while Delta Drone International takes care of everything in the air.
Delta Drone CEO Christopher Clark said:
Strayos-Delta Drone Agreement:

This arrangement will allow Delta Drone to use Strayos to provide additional services to its customers and to distribute software licenses across Africa & Australia, either directly or via resellers and consultants. Delta Drone will be able to apply the integrated solution for existing and new customers to process drone captured data. Customers will be able to gain extra value from the Strayos platform more broadly, given its multi functionality to generate ongoing operational insights across business operations.