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Overcoming Oversize - Webinar Summary

Overcoming Oversize

Using Data Driven Design to Improove Blast Outcomes

Unwanted oversize is one of the most expensive problems for a quarry or mine- increasing cycle time, equipment wear and tear, crushing and processing costs, and often requiring secondary breakage.

But what if you could reduce your oversize by 30 percent or more?

The best way to deal with oversize is to prevent it from happening in the first place. Dr. Anthony Konya, president of Precision Blasting Services, helps blasters, drillers, and quarry managers rethink their blast design and optimize blast outcomes. While the solutions may seem counter intuitive at times, the answers are all there- in the data.

In this Webinar Dr. Konya shares real stories of his wins in the field with:

  • the most common sources of oversize
  • how to identify where the oversize is coming from
  • why some of the most common sense answers are often the wrong ones
  • how to fix oversize issues


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Dr. Anthony Konya | President Precision Blasting

President and the owner of Precision Blasting Services. A blast engineering firm that specializes in helping mining and construction clients improve and optimize their drilling and blasting performance. Also the President and owner of Academy Blasting Academy Blasting TV and some of those other things geared really towards educating people in the drilling and blasting realm. That's one of my major passions is trying to help make sure that we increase the art and the science of blasting through releasing information that would otherwise be hard to find or difficult to really get to. I'm the developer of the modern presplitting theory and design practices under the precision presplitting applications that's now been accepted by companies all over the world.It's used everywhere from coal to gold mining to quarrying to construction. It's the only current accepted method of presplit design by the US Department of Defense and several other both private and public organizations, I have over 100 technical publications in drilling and blasting. Those are typically geared towards written publications and then probably several hundred different presentations and Webinars and other forms of educational media, such as that. I also taught at Colorado School of Mines in their explosives engineering Department, and I taught and still teach at the Missouri University of Science and Technology at Missouri SMT.That's really geared towards the construction blasting application. I have a bachelor's in mining engineering than a master's and a PhD in explosives engineering, and I have experience all across the world. I've worked in Asia, Africa, Europe, South America, North America, all 50 States in the US and most of the provinces, up in Canada and worked in all different sort of arena. So a lot of that is in that blast design process and how we design blasts to get better performance from all the different variables that we're looking at when we're trying to determine how a blast is going to function. Explosives engineering, including things such as weapon systems, blast design structures, explosive manufacturing plants.I've done a lot of work in vibration control and developed the new equations that are used by groups such as the US Army Corps of Engineers for predicting ground vibration from production and pre split blasting. I have extensive experience in underwater blasting. We currently have multiple projects underway across the US in this realm. Again, I've done a lot of work in precision pre splitting, underground blasting and explosive manufacturing, including designing and building explosive manufacturing plants all over the world, including Asia, Africa, Europe and North America.


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