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Webinar Summary- Eyes in the Sky

Eyes in the Sky

Getting More Value from your Drone Data with AI

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Most open pit mines today are making regular drone flights for basic surveying and volume measurement. However, sites are struggling to find more ways to create value from this data beyond basic process efficiency.

Now, by applying artificial intelligence to drone data, we can automate a range of analyses to provide tangible safety and productivity benefits without creating any additional work.

Join fmr Strayos COO and mining technology expert Brad Gyngell as he discusses how AI can provide instant insights and automated reports on site features like:

As-built haul road grades, widths, spillage and berm heights
Highwall heights, angles, cross sections, catch bench widths, Slope Factor of Safety, & Rock joint set mapping
Post blast analysis for fragmentation, muckpile shape, swell factor, and more...

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Brad Gyngell
Fmr. COO|Strayos

Brad helps mining companies maximize the value of their operations. He spent the first phase of his career helping over 100 sites optimize drill and blast activities as a mining engineer with the world's leading explosives providers Orica and Dyno Nobel.

He then expanded the scope of his support to encompass all commercial and operational functions by moving into management consulting with the top tier firm Boston Consulting Group. As COO of Strayos, Brad led the development of AI solutions that combine visual and operational data sources to solve tangible use cases for mine operators.

Brad holds a B Eng (Mining Engineering) from UNSW and an MBA (Finance, Entrepreneurship) from Carnegie Mellon University.


New technologies are rapidly changing the drilling, blasting, mining, and aggregates industries, empowering them in ways never before possible. Make sure you are taking advantage of the best tools available.

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