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Intern Spotlight - Emily Schottenfels

Strayos is proud to introduce...

Emily Schottenfels!

One of our stellar Summer 2020 Interns and an awesome person.

Emily is studying Structural Geology and Active Tectonics at Northern Arizona University
IMG_E3234_-_Emily_SchottenfelsTotal station and drone surveying in Panamint Valley, California

Why Structural Geology and Active Tectonics?

Since high school, I have been interested in studying environmental science because I love learning about human-environmental interactions. In college, I began taking more geology classes, and became more interested in the geological processes that shape our earth on longer timescales. I currently focus on geologically and societally relevant environmental hazards, specifically the geologic processes that lead to devastating earthquakes and tsunamis. But overall, I am interested in how humans depend on geology - raw materials and natural resources - and the sustainable development of our planet.

What interested you about Strayos? Why did you apply?

Strayos combines data science and machine learning techniques to solve mining and earth science related problems. Strayos is cutting edge - something I want to be a part of - and is pioneering methods that are extremely important with technological expansion and increasing demand for natural resources in the future.

How do you see your time at Strayos contributing to your plans? What do you hope to accomplish during your time with us?

Strayos is introducing me to data science and machine learning topics that will greatly advance my future career as a data-driven earth scientist. I hope to learn these methods, and learn how to apply them to my own research and future research questions.

What are you working on right now?

I am working with an interdisciplinary team on the Gawler Challenge. This challenge, led by the South Australian Government, encourages participants/teams to combine a variety of remote sensing and geochemical datasets with data science techniques to discover potential ore/mineral deposits in the South Australia.

Tell us something personal about you! What are your hobbies?

Currently based in the Southwest, I'm taking advantage of the nature opportunities out here and dabbling in all sorts of outdoor activities. In the winter, you'll find me mostly skiing in my spare time. When there isn't snow on the ground, I love mountain biking and hiking to swimming holes. I also love traveling and trying new cuisines.

gc2_-_Emily_SchottenfelsHiking the Grand Canyon rim-to-rim