Bench to Farm : A Better Blast Means a Better Crop

How Strayos is Helping Feed the World Using AI based Mineral Extraction

Better blast yields at the mine make better fertilizer. Strayos optimizes blasting for the best quality yield, and thats a good thing because the 2020 population of the earth is estimated to be about 7.8 million people. It is believed that within 30 years the population will have reached 10 billion. The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) estimates that the world will need to produce 70% more food by 2050 to support the population.

There are many ways to increase crop yields, but one of the easiest, best understood, and most accessible is by using fertilizer. Fertilizer can help replenish degraded soils and enhance currently viable soils, both of which allow farmers to grow more, stronger, healthier crops. The minerals used to make up fertilizer are almost all obtained by mining.

Using data analytics, AI, and modeling we can make blasting more efficient. A more efficient blast gives a better mineral yield- the deposit you want rather than waste product, proper fragmentation, more efficient earth moving, all that makes processing the minerals into fertilizer faster, easier and cheaper. Those cost savings get passed on to the consumer so, a better blast leads to increased crop yields. -Ravi Sahu, CEO Strayos

It is estimated that roughly 30-40% of phosphorous is wasted in the mining and processing phases. Don't believe us? Go here.

One part of the journey from deposit to field that has room for improvement is at the mine. Mines blast rock benches to move the overburden and to reduce the deposit to fragments that can be transported away for processing.

Blasting was an art, now its a science.

Strayos has partnered with worlds largest Phosphate producer OCP and Mohammed VI Polytechnic University(UM6P) through unique innovation program IMPULSE to improve phosphorous yields at OCP’s phosphate mines prior to processing the rock for fertilizer.

Pre-Blast Modeling and Rock Fragmentation Prediction

Using data gathered by drones, sensors, and smart drills Strayos’ algorithms create 2D and 3D interactive models that allow blasters to gather information on the desired deposits and surrounding earth before blasting, allowing them to better plan their blast. Strayos’ algorithms take into account types of rock in the bench to be blasted, direction and depth of the bore holes, explosive amounts to be used, and much more. The interactive model further predicts the post blast rock fragmentation produced by the theoretical blast. If the blaster doesn’t like his results, he can change his shot plan and explosive quantity until he generates the results he needs. Strayos’ cast blasting feature plans for optimal overburden movement- reducing the need for additional excavation work.

From Bench to Farm

Increasing blast efficiency makes OCP’s phosphate rock yields better, cheaper, and easier to process allowing them to make more and better fertilizer for cheaper. Fertilizers which will be used to help increase crop yields for farmers to feed the world's growing population.


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