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Summer 2021 Intern Spotlight: Claudia Cabrera

Strayos is Proud to Introduce... Claudia Cabrera!

Claudia is one of our star Summer 2021 Business and Marketing Interns.

Originally from Peru, Claudia travelled to Buffalo, New York to study Economics and Business (Finance & Data Analytics) at the University at Buffalo.

We sat down with Claudia to learn a little more about what brought her halfway around the world...

What inspired you to study Economics and Business?

The majority of my education and values have been shaped by working along with my father at our company “Everything Alpaca” in Peru. I grew up observing and experiencing the economic disparity among employees. I had the opportunity to meet Lisbeth and Caesar, who were two employees working at the company. They used to painstakingly nimbly iron and package our products. I used to sit at my desk, writing the detailed invoices of such orders and contrasting the seemingly parallel realities of Lisbeth, César, and I. Why could I receive a German education while 16-year-old César had to work instead of studying? Why did I return to my well-furnished home while 20-year-old Lisbeth battled to take care of her 2-year-old baby? These questions were the foundation of what became my fervent passions: Economics and Business.

What do you want to do in the future?

As an upcoming master's student, I want my thesis to be centered around my experience living in a third-world country. To promote economic stability, I aim to create a labor model that analyses and accommodates country-specific conditions, including the lack of job availability, woman discrimination, and the labor-power disparity of the private sector. As such, I am in the process of establishing and developing connections with professors, companies, and organizations that understand the economic disparity among countries, seek to improve their systems and invest in them.

How do you see your time at Strayos contributing to your plans? What do you hope to accomplish during your time with us?

Strayos has managed to develop a software system that contributes to the responsible and correct use of the blasting soil within the mining industry. This experience allows me to expand my knowledge of the mining industry which is, currently, one of the main sources of income in developing countries. Understanding the mining industry system allows me to have a broader perspective of how the government controls this industry, and how this industry positively affects the economic growth of South American countries. Moreover, as a data collector company, this experience gives me a broader sense of the impact data has in various industries, and how it can be implemented to improve the current system. In the case of Strayos, from data collected by a drone to data input manually into its software, it is possible to prevent common mining problems like collapses of slopes. Strayos has demonstrated to me that data is everywhere, and with the correct processing method we could make a difference among industries and society.

What are you working on right now?

The first project consists of translating articles, videos, and webinars into Spanish and uploading the content to YouTube. To accomplish this task, I need to get familiarized with mining terminology, since most of the YouTube content is related to the application of the company's software into the mining industry.

The second project consists of building a mining market analysis in 5 different countries (Peru, Mexico, Chile, Brasil, and Germany). The goal of this analysis is to find ten potential mining customers and five mining distributors per country. For this task, I am using a Bloomberg tool to identify the commodities production per company. It is detrimental to find mining companies with a strong presence in the mining market willing to invest in Strayos AI software. For that reason, I also built a market analysis for each company and contrasted the information. This information is organized in an excel sheet supported by forecasting graphs.


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