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Intern Spotlight- Swaminaathan P J M

Strayos is proud to introduce... Swami!

Swami is a Strayos Star and we are so thrilled he chose us for his Spring 2021 Internship

Swami is pursuing his Master's degree in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence from University at Buffalo SUNY

Originally from India, Swami traveled to the US seeking out excitement and novelty. What he found, was Strayos.

What inspired you to study Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning?
It all started when I was in my early days of undergrad. I attended a talk on Artificial Intelligence. It was very fascinating that I decided to explore more. It felt really interesting that I decided to pursue AI/ML as my career.

What interested you about Strayos? Why did you apply?
When I was going through Strayos website, it was extremely interesting how it uses Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to handle huge data and solve a unique problem. I felt excited and wanted to know how it is done especially how the data is analyzed and processed. Since I can do some meaningful contribution towards change that is highly impactful and also grow my knowledge, I decided Strayos would be the right one for me.

What do you want to do in the future?
Working on projects I hope to gain more insights on real world usage of AI and machine learning. I would like to see myself as someone with a deep expertise in this field and I know that’s something I will have the opportunity here. I would have proven myself as a person having the drive and determination to significantly help company’s technology and business growth and build strong relationships with clients and colleagues.


What's next for your career?
Strayos is a cutting edge Artificial Intelligence company disrupting and transforming one of the world's most critical industries.

We're making mining better- safer, more efficient, better for the environment and we're doing it by leveraging the power of data.

Time to dig in.

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