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? A Love Letter to You ?

the drillers, the blasters, and miners too...

? Rubies are red and saphires are blue,
we love helping you find your ore,
with our computervision tool.

? We love you a ton we make aggregate pair,
when you fly your drone
and upload site pics to our software.

? We always have a blast working together
to optimize yields
and get the best ton ever.

? You rock my world, let's drill down deep
to 3D model all the reasons
that together we should keep.

? RockMass AI and MeasureWhileDrilling
are two of the reasons
our relationship is thrilling.

?‍? We go together, like digitaltwins
When we integrate our data
both of us win.

? Lets Layout our shots and analyze our Burdens
perfect our Timing & Loading,
Vibrations to be certain.

? Our future's predicted by the AI
both Muckpile Shape
& Fragmentation size.

?‍♀️ ? Together we're more than just Blast Design,
Slope Stability and Berms,
the whole safety nine.

? ? We go together like Pit Analysis & Site Design,
Stockpiles, & HaulRoads,
I won't feed you a line

? I can't take anymore, I don't want to whine,
So tell me my friend,
won't you be mine?