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Intern Spotlight - Zay Ya Min Yin

Strayos is proud to introduce...

Zay Ya Min Yin!

One of Our Rising Stars and Our Go-to-Guy.

Zay is studying Information Technology and Management at University at Buffalo.


Why did you choose Information Technology and Management?

I have always been passionate about data analytics and quantitative consulting. I enjoy providing people and businesses with strategic advice backed by data. So when I was declaring my major, my main consideration was how can I possibly include both aspects of business and technology in my major. And then I thought, if I want to do both, why not do both ? So I picked a dual major in Information Technology and Management, which was literally one of the best decisions I have ever made because I am living everyday now doing what I love and loving what I do. I really enjoy how I can leverage my analytical and statistical acumen in business development and management strategy and I also intend to pursue an MS/MBA dual Masters degree in the future.

What interested you about Strayos? Why did you apply?

I was one of the spectators during 43North Business Plan Competition 2019 and Strayos was one of my favorite contenders. And I was super excited when Strayos won the competition because it always feels good to see a horse you bet win. One week later, I started to dig into Strayos' company profile to see if I could be any fit for the intern class for the summer at Strayos. But I do not have any background or knowledge in the industry that Strayos specializes in. Call it blind faith or whatever but I decided to go ahead and apply because I seriously wanted to get a good experience working at one of the fastest growing game changers in WNY startup community. And I was offered the role ! I couldn't be happier. And that's how I got started with Strayos.

How do you see your time at Strayos contributing to your plans? What do you hope to accomplish during your time with us?

Like I mentioned before, I am super passionate about data and business development and literally everything else that entails data and strategy making - quantitative analysis, technical consulting, business analysis, you name it. During my time at Strayos, I want to leverage my technology acumen and managerial insights to contribute to Strayos' growth strategy as I also solidify myself as a business and analytics professional.

What are you working on right now?

I am working on both technology and business segments for Strayos. When I applied for this internship during the interview, I told Ravi (CEO of the company) that I would like to explore the entire startup enterprise from both tech and management standpoints, which Ravi made happen. So I am extremely grateful for it. So I am currently working alongside my co-worker Aamir on content marketing and business strategy development while on the tech side, I am single-handedly developing analytical frameworks and data integration strategies that Strayos can use to make more informed decisions backed by data.

Tell us something personal about you!


I am a freelance graphic designer. I have 5 years of cumulative branding and designing experience. And my first job in life, which was five years ago, was in graphic design and I hope to open a clothing or merchandise brand business of my own in the foreseeable future as a source of income. My biggest inspiration is my mom and she's inarguably my super hero. And a fun fact of me would be I have lived in four different countries throughout my entire life - two years in Papua New Guinea, two years in Singapore, 15 years in Myanmar and now in the US.