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University Partnership: VNIT

Buffalo, NY | Nagpur, India
Nov, 21, 2023

Promoting Innovation in the Mining Industry by Cultivating Future Talent

Artificial Intelligence for Mining company Strayos partners with Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur (VINT), a leading mining educational institution in India. Strayos and VINT will be integrating Strayos' AI and Data Analytics solution into VINT's curriculum, assisting in cutting edge technology application research, and exploration of AI solutions for the mining industry.

The mining industry, like many others is constantly looking for ways to attract new talent, increase safety, reduce environmental impact, and remain competitive. By harnessing the power of innovation and adding it to VINT's curriculum Strayos and VINT are empowering a new generation of mining professionals to guide the industry into the future.

“University and Industry collaboration is critical for moving the mining industry forward. By educating its newest members on the huge contributions AI can make to this critical industry, VINT ensures it's students are prepared for the future of working in mining.” Strayos CEO, Ravi Sahu

Benefits of the Partnership include:

  • Strayos software will be included in the University's curriculum
  • Free Student Licenses to the Strayos platform
  • Discounted University Licenses to the Strayos Platform
  • Software demonstrations, trainings, workshops, lectures, and seminars
  • AI Application exploration lectures, seminars, workshops
  • Access to free Online Training courses
  • Industry connections
  • Internship opportunities
  • Research Opportunities for AI applications for the mining industry

About VINT
Originally founded in 1960 under the name Visvesvaraya Regional College of Engineering, in 2007 the government of India renamed the school and declared VNIT Nagpur as an Institute of National Importance.

About Strayos

Strayos was founded in 2016 and offers AI solutions for the physical world to the drilling, blasting, mining, and conservation industries. Using data gathered by a variety of sensors, including drones, satellites, smart drills, etc. Strayos creates digital twins of the site enabling smarter decision making and increasing site safety and efficiency while reducing environmental impact.

Strayos' University Partnership Program
Strayos is committed to the next generation of mining professionals and the future of the mining industry. By making Strayos tools available to Universities around the world we hope to provide the exposure and hands on experience students need to realize the upcoming changes.

Universities interested in partnering with Strayos should reach out to us at hello@strayos.com subject line: University Partnership Program.


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