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Product Spotlight: Backbreak Analysis

Product Spotlight: Backbreak Analysis

Traditionally, quantifying backbreak or overbreak from shot to shot entailed a labor intensive manual process. In order to quantify backbreak blasters would need to physically mark offsets on the bench and then observe and measure fractures back from the newly formed crest. When volumes are needed to be measured from excessive backbreak, the best that could be done was an estimate of the quantify the material that has fallen from the face. (Looking for ways to minimize backbreak before you blast? Check out our article: Using Modelling to Reduce Backbreak.)

Strayos is changing the game with its Backbreak Analysis tool.

Now, with Strayos' Backbreak Analysis tool, measuring the volume and distance of back break can be calculated instantly and easily on newly formed faces with just a couple clicks. By georeferencing the prior shot, backbreak is clearly shown with custom set color coded parameters to report distance and volume.

This brings tremendous value to analyzing blast performance by giving blasters a calculated value to reference.


  • Improve blast efficiency:
    By accurately measuring and quantifying backbreak, blasters can identify areas for improvement in blast patterns, loading, timing, and perimeter control techniques. In certain geologies, backbreak from blasting operations leaves challenging conditions for sequential blasts. Compare with Strayos' Rock Mass AI and see how the geology of the bench can impact back break. This data allows teams to make informed decisions to optimize blasting operations and enhance overall efficiency.

  • Streamline volume calculations:
    Measuring accurate volumes in drilling and blasting is crucial for production and financial purposes. Strayos' Backbreak Analysis tool, coupled with drone profiling, automates the calculation process, saving time and money compared to traditional manual surveying methods.

  • Enhance blast analysis:
    The ability to analyze blast performance through the measurement of backbreak provides valuable insights for blasters. It allows them to track the effectiveness of their blasting techniques, make data-driven adjustments, and improve overall blasting outcomes.

See Strayos’ Backbreak Calculator in Action:

Step 1: Take the Original Blast Design and Bench Model


Step 2: Compare the Post Blast Bench Face to the Blast Design


Step 3: Set Your Parameters


Step 4: Calculate the Back Break Quantity


Strayos’ Backbreak Analysis tool allows for the fast, easy, and accurate quantification of backbreak, enabling blasters to improve blast efficiency, streamline volume calculations, and enhance blast analysis. By analyzing blast performance through backbreak measurement, blasters can make adjustments to optimize blasting operations. The tool, when coupled with drone profiling, saves operations significant time and money compared to traditional manual surveying methods.


New technologies are rapidly changing the drilling, blasting, mining, and aggregates industries, empowering them in ways never before possible. Make sure you are taking advantage of the best tools available.

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