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Accurate Drill Logging Using Digital Field Tools - Webinar Summary

Accurate Drill Logging Using Digital Field Tools - Webinar Summary

Capturing rich accurate drilling data is fundamental to optimizing operational performance as well as blasting outcomes. However, most drill logs today are still being handwritten on paper forms. This creates a host of inefficiencies - from poor record keeping, distracted drillers, sloppy paperwork, increased overhead for data entry tracking and analysis, and more.

Using digital field tools makes creating accurate and detailed drill logs simple and makes the entire team's job easier.

In this webinar: learn how the digitalization of drill logs can unlock significant value for mines, quarries and contractors. Then see a demonstration of the new mobile drill log app: Strayos Fielder.

Join Strayos COO and Mining Expert Brad Gyngell as he discusses best practice strategies for implementation as well as four use cases:

  • Increasing operational efficiency
  • Preventing safety incidents
  • Improving blast results
  • Streamlining compliance

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Q & A
We'll start at the end...
Unfortunately we ran out of time before we were able to answer everyone's questions.
So, as promised, here are the answers to all the questions asked during the webinar:

1. Have you used this system with projects using 1.4s type explosives like autostem?
Products like Autostem are generally used for popping boulders rather than for production shots. Strayos Fielder could still be used in those situations to record details about holes drilled into boulders.

2. Are there certain Metrics you track for Performance evaluation for Operators ?
You can analyse any recorded metrics based on which operator drilled the hole. Some of the key metrics include Drill Utilization, Penetration Rate and Start/Finish time for the day.

3. Can it add Coordinates too?
Yes, hole locations can have GPS coordinates or they can just be drawn freehand on the map.

4. Who is the Drilling App available to?
Strayos Fielder is available to anyone. You don't need to use any other Strayos products in order to use Fielder.

5. Is it available on Android & iOS?
Yes, it is available on both Andoid and iOS.

6. How can we prevent back breaking using modern tools in surface mining? which instrument used to measure BAILING Velocity during surface drilling?
There are many possible causes of back break in surface mining. One example of how Fielder can help prevent backbreak is by recording drilling issues with the back row to enable blasters to tailor the back row loading.

Bailing Velocity can be approximated using the Flush Pressure sensor available on most modern smart drills. This will be recorded automatically in an IREDES xml file along with other metrics like penetration rate, feed pressure etc.


Brad Gyngell | COO Strayos

Brad helps mining companies maximize the value of their operations. He spent the first phase of his career helping over 100 sites optimize drill and blast activities as a mining engineer with the world's leading explosives providers Orica and Dyno Nobel.

He then expanded the scope of his support to encompass all commercial and operational functions by moving into management consulting with the top tier firm Boston Consulting Group. As COO of Strayos, Brad leads the development of AI solutions that combine visual and operational data sources to solve tangible use cases for mine operators.

Brad holds a B Eng (Mining Engineering) from UNSW and an MBA (Finance, Entrepreneurship) from Carnegie Mellon University.


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