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UAVSICS & Strayos Join Forces to Bring AI to Mining in Chile

31 March 2023 Press Release

UAVSICS provides state-of-the-art technological Unmanned Aerial Vehicles "UAV" based solutions to the Chilean mining industry through consultancies, the sale of mining equipment and software. UAVSICS is an official Wingtra reseller in Chile.

Strayos is a US based Mining AI software company that takes data from edge devices and drones. It then combines this data with photogrammetry, and AI to create additional value-add use cases in the mining value chain. From surveying and geotechnical work to geology, drill and blast, to loading and hauling operations.

The combination of UAVSICS’ technology portfolio and Strayos’ looks to provide significant additional value use cases to both companies’ customers.

“Strayos is a very strong partner when it comes to fulfilling use cases in mining. Strayos is able to expand on the traditional photogrammetry offer in mining by providing more value to drone data. The combination of running photogrammetry and AI is a winning one, as customers don’t have to change workflow, they just extract more value from the data they already collect” – said Eduardo Perez, CEO of UAVSICS.

“UAVSICS has been in the drone business for several years serving the mining industry. From a strategic perspective, Strayos is keen to provide its solutions to mining customers globally and associate with strong local partners, like UAVSICS. The fact that we can easily integrate Wingtra drone data and generate extra value for customers right away was a key driver for building the relationship between UAVSICS and Strayos” said Matteo Triacca, Strayos VP Sales.

“We’ve built a strong pipeline of solutions tailored to increase value to mining customers, especially via AI but now also around Ore dilution control modelling. Our product suite is constantly expanding and throughout 2023 we will have several exciting product releases. We are very happy to partner with UAVSICS as they will be able to introduce these new developments and further support end customers in the Chilean market” Said Ravi Sahu, Strayos CEO.

Some of the Strayos AI Solutions UAVSICS is anticipating bringing to the Chilean mining market include the automatic generation of:
● Crest & toe, bench height, pit reconciliation (Highwall AI)
● Grades, crossfall, road width, berm height, and super elevation (Haul Road AI)
● Discontinuities, joints, faults, bedding planes, etc. (Rock Mass AI)
● Autodetection of stockpile toe and boundary (Stockpile AI)
● Drill plan design, time and loading, fragmentation analysis, etc (Drill & Blast AI)
● And more.

In addition to the well-known and documented advantages of using drones for mine site surveying, mining ROIs figures reported by Strayos’s users include improvements of up to: 5-10% site throughput increase, 50% + reduction in oversize, and 30%+ reduction in deviation from planned volumes.

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