Product Spotlight: Rock Mass AI

In the mining industry, gaining a better understanding of the materials being extracted from the ground will lead to a more efficient mining operation. One of the ways to gain a better understanding of those materials is by having reliable geotechnical data.

💡 Reliable geotechnical data can make or break an operation

Advancements in software are making it easier than ever for engineers, geologists, and even non-engineers to understand the complexities of their site’s geology.

Strayos offers a valuable tool to automate in the field geological analyses and assess rock mass characteristics using data from drone surveys: StrayosRock Mass AI.

Strayos’ Rock Mass AI tool automatically detects geological features, such as facets and seams, within the surveyed rock face. These features can be manually edited by users if they desire. Then, from the initial detection, the features are broken into clusters based on their orientation.

The AI classifies then features into clusters based on the dip and strike angle of the identified seams and facets.

The data can also be viewed via Stereonet and Stereogram and exported as DXFs and CSVs to bring into third-party software.

By identifying seams and facets within the rock face, users can determine factors like joint spacing and orientation contributing to the overall Rock Mass Rating (RMR).

See Rock Mass AI in Action!

Rock Mass AI for Blasting

This rock mass data is crucial for blasting operations for several reasons including:

  1. Aiding the Pit Planning Process. Blasting in a favorable direction enhances bench and floor conditions, and
  2. Getting Better Blasts.  Understanding the degree of fracturing, jointing, or massiveness of the rock provides vital information for blast design.

(Want to learn more about using Geological Mapping in Blast Design? Watch our webinar: Reading the Rock: Geological Considerations in Blast Design)

💡 Strayos aims to provide a comprehensive solution for analyzing complex geology in the mining industry.

By leveraging AI to automatically produce valuable data,  engineers, geologists, and blasters have direct access to critical data, ultimately leading to more efficient and effective mining operations.

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